Pete Prisco ranks Houston Texans 12th in CBS Sports Power Rankings


Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) hands the ball off to running back Arian Foster (23) in the first quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

On Tuesday, CBS Sports Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco ranked the Houston Texans 12th overall on his weekly NFL power rankings on

Last week, Prisco ranked the Texans No. 4, dropping them eight spots in a week.

He wrote on the Texans:

"“Something just doesn’t seem right with this team. They could easily be 0-3. Can they get it going against Seattle?”"

In the power ranking,  the Texans were ranked at 13th, as they fell nine spots in their rankings.

In an interview on Prisco said when asked about the Texans in a video on the web site:

"“They have some pass pass rush issues, even though they have J.J. Watt. And the other side of the ball, they didn’t do anything on offense against Baltimore last week, and to me that’s a major concern moving forward.”"

He also spoke on quarterback Matt Schaub and if he’s the guy that can lead them to the Super Bowl.

"“Everybody has their doubts about Matt Schaub. They want to know if he can be the guy that can lead this team to the Super Bowl. We’re going to have to start seeing that. They play Seattle this week, so we have to start seeing that right now.”"

My thoughts on the ranking by Prisco, just like when I wrote about the rankings yesterday, I agree where the Texans are this week. They are playing like a middle of the pack team, and even though they have the 2-1 overall record, they aren’t playing like a two-win team following three games.

Prisco is right on about Schaub. I’ve been a big supporter of Schaub. He’s shown flashes of how good he can be, but it is about that time where he starts being the reason the Texans are successful, rather than the reason they are being questioned.