Texans: It’s time to bench Matt Schaub, for his sake and the season


Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) talks with coach Gary Kubiak during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Texans defeated the Chargers 31-28. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

It’s time to get Matt Schaub out of his Patriots induced funk. He hasn’t been the same since the Patriots gave Houston a serious beat down. In fact, Schaub has thrown only two touchdown passes in the first half of a game in his last nine games. Think about that folks, since that first meeting with the Patriots, Schaub has been down right apathetic.

He hasn’t been the same, and something needs be done, or else the 2013 season will go down as one of the greatest disappointments in Houston’s long history with disappointment on the gridiron.

Not all of this is his fault, head coach Gary Kubiak has decided that mixing things up, or calling plays that no one is expecting is just not the way to go. Instead we’re stuck with a spread the wealth ineffective run game followed by predictable throws to either Owen Daniels or Andre Johnson.

That’s the game plan, and Kubiak is daring other teams to beat the Texans.

Well they are, and if it wasn’t for some timely luck and inspired play Houston might very well be 0-3 right now.

Sure, it’s not all Schaub’s fault, I like Matt. I think he’s the guy to take us to New Jersey this winter. However, unless he shakes the mental funk he’s in, Houston’s going no where fast.

As I stated in my previous article, it’s time to go radical. Not end of the world fire sale it’s all over but the tears radical, but radical for the sake of shaking the team up on offense.

Bench Matt.

Sit his butt on the sideline for the Seattle game and let him get angry, let him get fired up, make him better himself.

Bring in not T.J. Yates, and this isn’t meant to be a diss on T.J., but a shake up is bringing in Case Keenum. Case has a completely different style then either Yates or Schaub. He’s not scared to let it fly. This will get the offense flying again, and put the Seahawks on their heels.

Also, Kubiak is a genius, we’re told, at offense. Let’s see him think outside the Texans box and make some magic. I don’t mean funky trick plays, rather take current plays. Alter them to isolated unexpected receivers. Don’t run it on first-and-10 play action, or go for a long bomb. Running left with Arian Foster or Ben Tate for two to three plays is what everyone is anticipating.

Speaking of, Tate, he has made it clear he want’s the rock. The Browns have said they want Tate for 2014 … make it happen now!

Cierre Wood is a good runner, let him spell Arian and get the running game consistent. That is what’s hurting right now on the ground, aside predictability. While we’re talking letting people go, Joe Marciano needs to go. The special teams is a disaster waiting to happen.

I want to see Houston hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February. I know they can do that, but they aren’t going to do it if Kubiak is Mr. Predictable and Schaub is chasing the ghosts of the Texans beat down.

It’s time to get that winning feel back, and that means getting a little crazy. Getting a little wild. Houston has too much talent and the NFL is far too unforgiving to keep plodding along as is.

The Texans’ record is 4-5 since that first meeting in New England, 2-3 staring at us from the first week of October. Now’s the time to do the unthinkable … to get Schaub back on track.