Andre Johnson injured in loss Sunday


Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) catches a pass in the second quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

In maybe on the worst moment of the Houaton Texans’ 30-9 loss Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens was the injury suffered to wide receiver Andre Johnson.

Johnson left the game with a shin injury and didn’t return for the conclusion.

The Houston Texans official web site quoted Texans head coach Gary Kubiak Sunday saying, “He has a bad shin bruise. The X-ray they took at halftime was ok.

“I watched him the first play, we threw the ball the first play and I wanted to see him run. “I did not think he could run the way he needs to, to play so we took him out.”

This was the second time in consecutive an injury has prevented Johnson from completing a game. Last week against the Tennessee Titans Johnson suffered a concussion.

As for the shin injury, Johnson was quoted as saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen with it. Right now …. I have an MRI set up in the morning (Monday).”

Depending on the severity of the shin injury, if Johnson were to miss any game time due to it, an already dysfunctional Texans offense would get worse.

The Tecans played Sunday without starting left tackle Duane Brown, and they didn’t click at all on offense, as they were held to under 300 yards total and didn’t score a single touchdown. All nine points came from an inconsistent kicker.

Johnson was held to 36 yards on two receptions by Baltimore.

Again, if they Texans don’t get to have Johnson on the field in week four against the 3-0 Seahawks, a Seahawk team that has allowed just 27 points all season … well a if we thought this previous game was a bad site to see at Baltimore, we’ve not seen anything yet.

The Texans need Johnson on the field this coming Sunday when the Seahawks visit Houston, and with the current state the offense of the Texans is in, they simply can’t afford to lost a player of Johnson’s caliber this upcoming week.

Especially against the undefeated Seahawks. Now it is in the hands of the doctors and trainers.