Doom and Gloom in Baltimore: Radical solutions for the Texans

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Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

As for the fish slapping … someone PLEASE take Gary Kubiak behind a shed, and slap him with a fish till he gets that it’s not working.

That it would be the approach he’s taking right now. “We’re the Texans this is what we’re going to do, try and stop us!”

Well guess what Gary, they are!

If a guy like me can call 70-percent of your plays before they happen, you best believe the opposition can do it as well.

It’s time to mix things up, approach the game with a new plan. Catch the opposition off guard. You have some great players ready and able to achieve, let them loose.

That being said, all is not lost, it’s not time to write off the 2013 season, and if you have booked a reservation for a February trip to New Jersey don’t cancel it just yet. But if Houston can’t find an answer for this lethargic offense it’s going to be a rough 13 weeks of football for Texans Faithful.

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