Doom and Gloom in Baltimore: Radical solutions for the Texans

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Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) throws a pass under pressure from the Baltimore Ravens at M

Is it time to bench Matt Schaub?

Now before you think I’m crazy let’s look at the last three games.

Two close come-from-behind games and this paltry performance. Schaub isn’t playing with urgency, only when forced out of the game plan and into action has he performed.

However that failed us today as the game spiraled out of control. Unless the offense can get their groove Houston’s looking at starting 2-3 and out of any serious consideration for the playoffs, let alone actually making the playoffs.

So who to bring in? TJ Yates or the boy wonder Case Keenum?

Yates has proven he’s good, he can win and really has earned it. But he’s very much Schaub 2.0 in his play, with less ability to handle pressure. I like Yates, but I think a real shock to the system might be in order so my vote would be to start Keenum next week.

He’s hungry, talented and would definitely kick the offense into a different gear.