Poll Results: Who Will Be a Bigger Factor in Houston’s Running Game


Sep 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans running back Ben Tate (44) stiff arms Tennessee Titans middle linebacker Moise Fokou (53) during the first half at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The votes are in and it looks like the majority of the voters believe that Ben Tate is going to have a greater impact for Houston’s running game in week 3. Through the first two weeks of the season Tate has been given a portion of the carries and he has made the most of his opportunities, racking up 148 yards on just 18 carries. Because he is sitting behind Arian Foster, on the depth chart, Tate is never going to have a legitimate shot at starting but he is definitely worthy of 10-15 carries per game.

Texans’ head coach Gary Kubiak has repeatedly said that he is going to continue to split the carries between Foster and Tate. Right now, using both Foster and Tate seems to be working for the Texans’ offense. If they can continue to find success using two running backs, the Texans will have an advantage when we get close to the end of the season. NFL running backs take a beating every week, so by limiting a running back’s carries early in the season they won’t be worn out at the end of the year.

I also believe that Tate is going to be a bigger factor for the Texans’ running game this week. He has great quickness and is a great change of pace from the bruising running style of Foster. I think the Ravens’ defenders are going to have a hard time trying to catch Tate when he gets to the outside.

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