Texans Special Teams in need of new management.


Jan 5, 2013; Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Texans Fans!

Is it too early to be deeply troubled by the Texans abysmal showing on special teams play? Joe Marciano has been the Texans special teams coach for twelve years now. Twelve. In that time the defense has been transformed, the offense stellar and special teams… lackluster at best. Last season the Texans finished out at 32nd place. Yes, out of 32 teams, Houston managed to take the bottom slot as per footballoutsiders.com’s numbers.  In fact Houston hasn’t ranked in the Top Five since 2005.

I’m not going to argue with them. I watched all 16 games last year, and special teams hurt the team, charts showing this in cold hard facts merely solidifies what the eyes can see. Houston, we have a serious problem. Gary Kubiak has a lot going on, and revamping the special teams group with a new coach isn’t high on his list, really with the play of the defense so far it hasn’t been that problematic. However, fans aren’t happy, you know the players can’t be content. Results matter, 11 years and it’s not right, thus the start of the 2013 season with another bad outing does not bode well.

Should Kubiak pull the trigger and drop Joe? I’d say yes in a heartbeat. Maybe he’s a great guy and the players respect him and he does other good things for the team. That’s wonderful, but to get to the Super Bowl, one needs a team at optimal performance. Being the last place team in one area of the game seriously hinders the teams chances. That’s not to say a new coach would be the panacea to this malaise on special teams, however doing the same thing year in and year out expecting a better outcome is insanity defined.

Another bad preseason outing and it’s time for Joe to go, bring in a fresh face with new ideas and push the special teams unit to excel. Of course it’s still preseason, this could have been just a bad game… history however is pointing to another poor year for this aspect of the Texans game.

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