Houston Texans vs Buffalo Bills Review: Offense


The Houston Texans welcomed back Mario Williams this week with a win, but it wasn’t as convincing as many fans would have liked to have seen. The Bills may be better than their record shows, but they are a 3-5 team and they kept it close with the Texans for the entire game and were able to move the ball consistently.

The offense had all sorts of problems moving the ball on a consistent basis but in the end Matt Schaub was able to lead them to a two score win.

Matt Schaub

This was the first game in recent memory that the Texans didn’t open the game with a cute little play action or quick pass and instead opened with an Arian Foster run. That being said Matt Schuab played a phenomenal game and put the ball where it needed to be on just about every play.

Schaub missed Andre twice on plays that could have earned them a first down and touchdown respectively. That being said he still sold the play action better than any other quarterback in the league and that led to wide receivers being wide open on several plays down the field which led to easy scores.

If Schaub continues to play like that the Texans will be just fine for the remainder of the year.


Arian Foster ran the ball effectively from the beginning to the end of the game averaging over 4.5 yards per carry and 111 yards with a touchdown. That’s the fourth time this year with over a hundred yards and every game with a touchdown. Justin Forsett was pretty ineffective but Foster’s excellence made it not matter much.

The good news is that NamasTate should be back to full power next week against the Bears and they will need it.

Nov 4, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) runs after a catch against the Buffalo Bills in the third quarter at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Bills 21-9. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Wide Receivers

The wide receivers were fantastic again this week. Kevin Walter got open several times down the field and Andre Johnson had eight catches for over 100 yards.

The tight ends also accounted for nine catches, 122 yards and two touchdowns. Owen Daniels also treated us to potentially the worst Chris Johnson touchdown celebration impression of all time.

Andre Johnson has to play like he’s played recently in Chicago next week if the Texans want to have a chance.

Offensive Line

The offensive line didn’t play very well and were consistently pushed back. They gave up a sack to the otherwise poor performing Mario Williams and let the likes of Nick Barnett and Kyle Williams constantly get in to the backfield.

If they play like that against the likes of Julius Peppers next week they will get Matt Schaub killed along with any hopes of a win in Chicago.

The Texans were able to steal a win today and if you didn’t watch the game the score would be misleading. If the Texans play like this next week they won’t win but 7-1 this season is nothing to scoff at so let’s celebrate.