Texans Fantasy Players Worth Drafting


1. Arian Foster
Foster will be the number one pick in many drafts so I would say any pick you have that the vegan is still available: snag him. He’s a former rushing champion and while running behind a few new offensive lineman he should continue to accumulate decent numbers not only rushing but receiving as well.

2. Andre Johnson
Andre’s stock isn’t what it used to be but assuming he stays healthy he is undoubtedly a number one receiver in fantasy leagues. Schaub tends to throw a few passes to Johnson that may not look open but he gives him chances to make big plays which are handsomely rewarded in fantasy football. That being said Andre won’t make it past the second round in most leagues so if he’s available in the third round or later he is definitely worth your consideration.

3. Matt Schaub
Schaub was having a good year last season before being lost to a foot injury. I’ve always been a fan of loading up on guys with the same bye week so that as opposed to missing a few guys week 7, 8, and 9, you can just concede a week 8 game and have a majority of your roster for the remainder of the season. The easiest way to meet that strategy is by taking a quarterback, wide receiver tandem and there are few better than Schaub/Johnson. Anyone who saw the Texans offense last season before Schaub’s untimely injury knew that they were hitting on all cylinders and should continue much of the same this season. Schaub is rated just behind Vick, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tony Romo and Phillip Rivers, meaning that when people make the run on second tier quarterbacks you can continue to go for skill players and expect Schaub to fall to you in about the seventh or eighth round.

4. Ben Tate
Foster is obviously the number one back in the system but Tate had a great season last year as well. The Auburn alum rushed for almost 1,000 yards last season and should expect no less this year. If Foster misses a game Tate stands to earn a lot of fantasy points and is often the red zone back, especially if Foster is tired, because the speedy Justin Forsett does not quite have the pound it in style that Tate brings to the table. Tate is an easier get than the previous three players and should go around the tenth round in many 12 team leagues.

5. The Bulls on Parade
The Texans defense was a nice sleeper pick for many fans last year, however this year they aren’t sneaking up on anyone. Every league is different on when they make a run on defenses but with many people seeing San Francisco as the top defense this year, they will more than likely be the first off the board with a majority of other members following suit. Personally I rank the Texans as the number two defense behind only the 49ers thanks to overall skill and weakness of schedule.

6. Randy Bullock
In many Yahoo leagues Bullock is buried towards the bottom of the kicker list and should vastly outperform that spot. While the young guy missed his first kick against San Francisco there is a lot of optimism towards his future and with the Texans poor red zone touchdown percentage last year, Bullock looks like a strong pick. There is no reason to ever take a kicker before your last pick of a draft because the difference between the best and last kicker taken is so minuscule, so do not draft a kicker before then and expect to have success.