Madden Snubs Texans


With Madden NFL 13’s August 28th release just around the corner and the demo dropping on Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita yesterday it only makes sense to discuss the Texans in what is sure to be the best NFL game since… well probably ESPN NFL 2k5.

The Texans have long been an undesirable Madden team, and up until last year it would have been hard to call them underrated due to lack of performance on the field, but many would have thought that after making the playoffs despite losing pro-bowlers Mario Williams and Matt Schaub, the Texans would finally receive some love.

Those people would have been wrong, in fact the Texans are only the 15th best team in the game this year, being slotted behind the Jets, Cowboys, and Falcons none of whom won a playoff game last year, and as equals to the Redskins.

The Bulls on Parade went through a transformation last year in both scheme and skill and went from a laughing stock on defense to allowing the second fewest yards in the NFL. While the defensive player ratings have yet to come out one would have to assume it is the defense that isn’t receiving credit from the ratings czars considering the fact that Arian Foster is the number three rated running back at a 96 overall, Matt Schaub is the 13th rated quarterback at an 88 overall, and Andre Johnson is the third best reviever behind only Larry Fitzgerald and the coverboy himself, Calvin Johnson at a 97 overall.

For avid Texans fans, it’s been inconceivable to ever step onto the virtual gridiron in anything other than steel blue, liberty white and battle red, even in the days of David Carr, Ron Dayne and Wali Lundy. While some of the Texans previous players were probably given a slightly higher rating than many felt they deserved, it would appear some of this years members will receive an opposite treatment.

Players likely to be drastically underrated:

Duane Brown-OT

Duane Brown has been a phenomenal player since he was drafted and went the entire season last year without allowing a sack while defending Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates blindsides. Anything less than a top five left tackle rating for this man would be a slap in the face.

Jonathan Joseph-CB

While most were clamoring for former Oakland shutdown corner, Nmandi Asomugha, the Texans chose Joseph a former Bengal and South Carolina Gamecock. While he had struggled with injuries in his past, Joseph stepped up in Wade’s scheme and covered the opposing team’s number one receiver admirably in most games last season. A top 7 cornerback rating is expected, anything less would be a disappointment.

Connor Barwin-OLB

Barwin led the Texans in sacks last year after he was moved from strong to weakside linebacker due to the injury of Mario Williams. Barwin along with Brooks Reed, J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith brought an elite pass rush while also containing the run. Anything less than a top 12 outside linebacker rating for Barwin would be a disappointment.

Honorable Mentions:
Chris Myers- (Top 5 Center)
Antonio Smith- (Top 12 DE)
Brian Cushing- (Top 5 MLB)

That being said, the Texans will more than likely still be one of the most used teams online due to Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, and a potential electric return man in Trindon Holliday.