Pass rush to the Super Bowl


Some fans may be scratching their heads over the Texans’ decision to draft a linebacker in the first round instead of a wide receiver or even offensive lineman, but there is some wisdom to this selection. The Texans are in the long term growth business, intent on laying a championship foundation for years to come. Nobody is in immediate danger of losing their job and owner Bob McNair is perhaps the most patient owner in the business. The Texans have proven that they are more interested in building a formidable foundation rather than filling holes with flashy players to sell a few more tickets short term.

The great news is that Wade Phillips loves Houston and will remain as Defensive Coordinator at least another season. Therefore, the already-exceptional Texans defense will only get better. Adding another pass disrupting linebacker to the mix can only help the Texans maintain excellent field position, keep the defense fresh and set the tone of physicality. Sure, the Texans must keep their offense stout, and upping Arian Foster was a terrific step in that direction. But I believe that the Texans are on the right track focusing foremost on defense and establishing anything but a finesse identity.

What are your thoughts? Will Whitney Mercilus make a significant contribution in reaching the Super Bowl in the year(s) to come?