The Houston Texans Are Primed to Invade National TV Slots Next Season


Alright, Texans fans. The NFL is releasing the 2012-13 schedules tomorrow (Tuesday). How many prime time games do you see the Texans both deserving and getting? Please use the comments below to post your opinion. I’ll venture and say the Texans will get two Monday Night games, a Sunday Night game and I’ll throw in Thanksgiving as well.

Here are but a few of the reasons why the Texans must appear in prime time often next season in order to provide the casual and diehard football fan with great viewing pleasure:

1. They finished 10-6 (should’ve easily been 12-4, but that’s another story) and won their division.

2. The Texans performed well in the Playoffs.

3. The Texans’ defense raised an entire football nation’s eyebrows last season.

4. Arian Foster is…well, Arian Foster. People of all team allegiances love watching the guy play.

5. Wade Phillips is back as DC and the NFL will want its top broadcasters commenting about his stellar defensive acumen.

6. The secret of Brian Cushing’s greatness can be maintained no longer.

7. Yes, the Texans have shed some big named players, but the core remains intact and through the draft and remainder of free agency and full training camp on the slate, nobody will seriously expect the Texans to fall out of contention heading into next season.

So, there you have it. I’ve got the Texans in four prime time games. How about you?