A Challenger Appears


According to preliminary reports, the Seattle Seahawks are  interested in acquiring Superstar DE/OLB Mario Williams should the Texans fail to resign him. Now as many Texans fans know, Mario Williams is going to command a pretty penny as one of the premiere pass rushers in the league and unless he gives Houston a hometown discount it will be very difficult to keep “Super Mario” as a Houston Texan. Having Seattle in the mix may make it impossible for Houston to keep Mario depending on how much money Seattle is willing and able to offer him, they may make him an offer he can’t refuse and Houston can’t match.

Seattle being added into the Mario Williams-sweepstakes could send Houston into a bidding war with Seattle that would make it hard for Houston to re-sign it’s other players such as Arian Foster but this is a very unlikely scenario. Mario Williams did miss most of the season after going down in game five of the 2011 season with a torn pectoral muscle so that could lower his stock in the free agency, but not significantly.

To be completely realistic however, this writer feels that unless Mario Williams is willing to make a pretty big Hometown discount he will most likely be playing for another team next season, and personally, I’m OK with that. Sure, it’s sad to see such a great player go but my focus and interest is on the success of the Houston Texans franchise and the team is greater than any one player. As mentioned earlier, Mario Williams missed almost the entire 2011 Season and the Texans defense didn’t even miss a beat and was at times the best defense in the league, so don’t expect the  Texans’ front office to bend over backwards to make sure that Mario Williams stays in a Texans uniform.