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Houston Texans Looking Forward to 10th Anniversary (Part II)


Yesterday I highlighted the first part of a ten-part series focused on the original (2002) Houston Texans roster. Today I continue the highlights with the next three Texans from 10 years ago.

However, before I get to the highlights I wanted to give a shout out to both OLB Mario Williams and RB Arian Foster. From the information obtained through our totally non-biased media, I believe that it is fair to say that both of these men are some of the most unselfish players in the NFL.

Williams indicated,

"I’m not focused on telling my agent, ‘Hey, do this or do that because I want to be the highest-paid (defensive) player…It’s whatever fits best for myself and the team."

Similarly, Mike McCartney, the agent for Arian Foster, told KBME-AM,

"The ultimate goal is a long-term deal where this marriage continues. … It’s just part of the process. The Texans have to do what’s right for them [referring to franchising Foster] at the beginning of this, and we’ll adjust accordingly. It won’t offend us in any way. We’ll do our best to have a long-term deal."

We, as Texans fans, could not ask for better players. If these two men really want to stay with the team, and are willing to make some sacrifices in order to do so, then we must have the best team in the NFL!

And now, on to the highlights…

Jarrod Baxter:

  • 5th round, 136th pick
  • 7 rushes for 14 yards
  • 5 catches for 33 yards and 1 td
  • 1 kick return for 19 yards
  • Helped lead the new franchise to more than 1,040 rushing yards

Corey Bradford:

  • Fourth year veteran obtained via Green Bay Packers
  • 45 catches for 697 yards
  • 6 receiving TDs
  • 2 rushes for -11 yards
  • Left Houston in 2005 with 1,992 receiving yards and 18 receiving TDs

Jabar Gaffney:

  • Drafted in the second round, 33rd pick by the Texans
  • 41 catches for 483 yards and one TD
  • Currently plays for the Washington Redskins where he finished the season with 947 receiving yards and five receiving TDs

Tune in tomorrow as I continue the 10th Anniversary Special of the 2002 Houston Texans!