Houston Texans Will Spend Big to Keep Arian Foster


Although he is a restricted free agent the Houston Texans will have to ante up to keep Arian Foster on their roster.

In his past two seasons he has accumulated more than 2,800 yards rushing and 1,200 yards receiving, he also has 30 touchdowns to go with all of those yards. In fact, after the last two years he is only 90 yards behind Maurice Jones-Drew for total rushing yards despite the fact that he missed three games this season and was injured for most of last season.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Foster has almost twice as many receiving yards as Jones-Drew and 12 more TDs.

Over those same two years he has also been voted to two Pro-Bowls and selected to the Associated Press All-NFL Pro Team twice.

Meanwhile, Foster has continued to be one of the most underpaid RBs in the NFL. This last season he brought in just over $500,000 – a drop in the bucket compared to some of the other RBs who are not nearly as effective or as efficient as he has been.

However, Foster has also been poised, patient, and a consummate professional about his contract. Just two weeks ago he gave us all a peek into his mindset as it relates to remaining with the Texans:

"Hopefully, they can make my [contract] dream come true, because I just love the city of Houston, man. I really do."

The Texans are looking to make a run for the Super Bowl in 2013. They will need all of the help that they can get and Foster has been a cornerstone of the Texans’ offense for the last two seasons. While the team has limited cap room I truly believe that they will do whatever is necessary to keep Mr. Namaste himself on the roster.

Just in case you do not believe me, take a look for yourself. These are some of Foster’s highlights, a video that I am sure his agent will be showing to the Texans front office when contract negotiations begin…