New England Patriots Release Player Day Before Super Bowl!


In what has to be one of the most low-life, despicable moves in recent NFL history, the New England Patriots cut WR Tiquan Underwood less than 24 hours before the kickoff to Super Bowl XLVI. Underwood was already in Indianapolis preparing for whatever role he may assume in this year’s Super Bowl matchup against the New York Giants.

The Patriots signed defensive end Alex Silvestro from their practice squad to take Underwood’s roster spot.

Silvestro is a defensive-end/tackle who will be utilized on rushing downs in a four-man front. The Patriots had played him earlier in the season and saw that he had good quickness off the snap.

Underwood’s release also means that 34-year old WR Chad Ochocinco will most likely see more play time.

While Underwood has taken the news in good stride, even Tweeting about this being a “motivator”, the fact remains that this was a dirty move by the Patriots. Granted, they need to do what is best for their team in order to ensure a victory tomorrow but cutting a player less than 24-hours before the biggest game of the year is just wrong.

I am not one to believe in karma but, if I were, this move could foreshadow tomorrow’s game. Perhaps Bill Belichick and company should beware, what goes around comes around and this does not bode well for the Patriots.

If there were an award given out tonight for the most shameful play by any team in the NFL, the Patriots would win this one hands down. Shame on you Bill Belichick, shame on you New England Patriots.