article by Stephanie Stradley, a Houston Texans blogger for, she incl..."/> article by Stephanie Stradley, a Houston Texans blogger for, she incl..."/>

Houston Texans: Is Larry House Out of His Mind or Does He Have a Point?

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In a recent article by Stephanie Stradley, a Houston Texans blogger for, she includes a suggestion from commenter Larry House. Now this article is not for the faint of heart. Some of the suggestions made by this, Mr. House, seem absurd at best. However, after re-evaluating everything that was said, I had to reconsider my position. Here are some pieces of what was said by Mr. House:

"Back to Robert Griffin the III. The Texans should package an offer to the Rams to include: 1) Texans 26th pick in the 2012 draft 2) Texans 1st RD pick in the 2013 Draft 3) Andre Johnson 4) Owen Daniels…FOR… the Rams #2 pick to select Robert Griffin III. Jeff Fisher is now the Rams new Head Coach and is very familiar with Johnson & Owens. Of course I am assuming Fisher would be interested because it adds (2) immediate BIG time weapons for Bradford that he currently doesn’t have and it will give Fisher extra picks to address other weaknesses. I can’t imagine that Fisher would not be interested in Johnson & Owens but of course I could be wrong."

Ok, so here is the back story. Mr. House is suggesting that the Texans need to focus further ahead than just the 2012 season. Coach Gary Kubiak, he contests, is too narrowly focused on winning the next season rather than building a long-lasting dynastic team.

Now back to Mr. House picks it up with his Robert Griffin III (RG3) comments. Firstly, I want to know what in the world Mr. House is thinking in suggesting that the Texans trade two draft picks, our star wide receiver, and starting tight end all for the chance to land RG3.

Sure, the possibility of landing such a stud college QB seems to make most of us salivate uncontrollably, but this just seems ludicrous to me. Trading away your best WR for a new QB/RB does not make sense to me. How can you arguably come to the conclusion that trading away two star players is worth a possible new star player. However, Mr. House does not stop there. He also tosses in two of our draft picks in the next two drafts.


Imagine, if you would, that we trade away our two picks, trade away Andre Johnson, and trade away Owen Daniels. That alone would have most Texans players taking sniper shots at Coach Kubiak. Now imagine that we draft RG3 and he either does not cut it in the NFL or ends up injured in his first season. Do not act like it does not happen. Jacoby Jones was supposed to do great things…Ben Tate was supposed to be healthy.

Mr. House’s suggestions for achieving the “RG3 dream” appear to be too far-fetched for the Texans future.

"With RG3 in the fold the Texans can now turn their attention to Schaub. The Washington Redskins and the Shanahans now likely become interested trading partners. Mike Shanahan will be going in to his 3rd season with an 11-21 record as the Skins head coach. Desperation must be seeping in. Not only do the Shanahans have to win they also have to find a QB who can. The Texans could trade Matt Schaub TO Washington FOR the Skins 1) Washington’s #6 pick in the 2012 draft 2) Washington’s 1st RD pick in the 2013 Draft. (See Carson Palmer trade) With the 6th pick in the 2012 Draft the Houston Texans could select either Justin Blackmon or Alson Jeffery."

Hold on! Did he just suggest that we trade away QB Matt Schaub for a chance at landing a WR? What exactly is going through this guy’s brain?

Imagine this scenario – now that he has made it more interesting. We have now traded away WR Andre Johnson, TE Owen Daniels, and QB Matt Schaub for two unproven, untested rookies. Not only did we get rid of the best WR in the NFL but we also ditched one of the best TE in the game and got rid of the cornerstone of our offense.

So, am I to that Mr. House wants us to bet the bank on QB Robert Griffin III? How (really, please explain this to me) do you get rid of Matt Schaub and trust your team to RG3 after coming out of your first-ever playoff appearance, AFC South championship season?

Again, Mr. House has left me befuddled and seriously confused. He wants to strip away some of the key components of our team and replace them with new, shiny pieces and hope to fill in the remainder of the holes in the free-agency. However, there is no guarantee that the Texans could fill those holes with players of the same caliber as those which we would be losing.