Houston Texans: Will Peyton Take Back the AFC South?


My prediction is no. He is past his prime, he has uncertainties, and he is owed $28 million dollars very soon. With QB Matt Schaub and OLB Mario Williams, hopefully if moves are made,  back next year, the Texans are the heavy favorite to win the AFC South.

The Houston Texans have faced the giant that is Peyton Manning for the past 9 years, and David has beat Goliath only a couple of times in the Texans Colts series. In these 9 years he has won 4 MVP’s and one Super Bowl. The Texans drafted Williams in order to sack Manning. Now this past season, the Colts first one without Manning in over a decade, the Texans finally win the AFC South, and make their first playoff run. The new management and coaches in Indianapolis have to make the decision of going QB Andrew or Peyton Manning. They need to decide which quarterback gives them the best chance to reign AFC South Champions once again.

As a Texans fan I think it will be more beneficial for them to draft Luck. Our defense is one of the best defenses in the league right now, so if we were to play the Colts led by rookie QB Andrew Luck, I would not be as worried as if we were playing Manning. I have watched too many Texans games where you think the Texans might finally beat the Colts, and Manning has surgically dismantled our defense every time. The Colts are in rebuilding stage right now big time, they built there entire franchise off Manning, and now it looks like they are starting a new era with Luck. Which will take time again, they will need to build an entire offense around him. Lets be honest players like WR Austin Collie and WR Pierre Garcon are only good because of Manning. With WR Reggie Wayne leaving, their only solid WR is TE Dallas Clark.

So it looks like if the Colts let go of Manning, they will need some time to become competitors again for the AFC South Championship. It may be in their best interest to draft Luck for the long run, it might not? Whichever decision they make, I hope the time it takes for them to rebuild is enough time for the Texans to get a Super Bowl.