Homerism and the Houston Texans


I was asked the other day why I truly believed that the Houston Texans would win against the Baltimore Ravens. After all, the Texans did lose to the Ravens in week six 29-14. And yes the Texans are also 0-5 all time against the Ravens. So why do I feel so confident about the Texans coming out of Baltimore with a win?

The Answer is simple, its because i am a fan…

Well more than just a fan, I’m a homer. For those of you who do not know what a homer is in the Football world, it is “someone who believes their team will win no matter what, and that they are the best team in the entire league”. I know this may be hard to understand, I mean how can someone be a homer of a team such as the Indianapolis Colts especially with the kind of season they had. But I guarantee that their are still some Colts fans who are big homers. You may be a “homer” if you believe the Texans will walk into Baltimore and stomp all over the little birdies. And you surely are a homer if you think the Texans will make it to, and win the Super Bowl.

Sure the odds are against them. Lack of play-off experience, 3rd string 5th round draft pick QB, the curse that seems to haunt every Houston franchise except the Houston Comets, a head coach with a less than amazing track record. The list goes on and on, but why bother. Everyone has already written the Texans off as a one and done team anyways. Oh wait, we won the first game but it was “gift wrapped” according to some LOL experts.

Even with all the reasons to think this team can’t and won’t go all they way, there are a select few who believe they can and that they will. It is good for the soul to believe in something bigger than you, something that is out of your control. So sit back and enjoy the ride, because win or lose we should all be proud of our Texans.