Houston Texans Looking to Fans to Be a Difference Maker


This season for the Houston Texans has not only been a winning season but it has also been the loudest season. Fans have cheered, chanted, and screamed out loud for their team as the Texans inched closer and closer to the playoffs. It was so loud at the home game against the Atlanta Falcons that the Falcons offense had a hard time hearing Matt Ryan’s cadence and had a slew of false-starts. Had the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, in week 14, been at Reliant Stadium as well, I can assure you that it would have been even louder.

Now the players are asking fans to step up and be that “12th Man” once again. A few of the players commented on the fans interaction during today’s press conference after practice, this is some of what they had to say:

Johnathan Joseph – Joseph said that he hoped that Texans fans “removed” the roof off of the stadium with their noise. Disrupting Andy Dalton, he noted, would be important to helping the Texans in this match-up.

Connor Barwin – Barwin said, “It’s so important for the crowd to be loud for us”. He said that this will help disrupt the QB and the offensive line of the Bengals.

DeMeco Ryans – Ryans reflected on the Atlanta Falcons game, stating that the players look to that game as the standard for crowd noise. This upcoming game, he said, should be the loudest the crowd has ever been.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked issues for Texans fans is the empty stands during the team introductions.

Time and time again the players have come through the tunnel only to be greeted by a mediocre applause. Sure, the Texans have sold out every game this season…sure, the tickets to the playoff game this weekend sold out in five minutes…but this time the players are looking to the fans to be the difference maker.

So, fans, show up a little early (30 minutes) and be a difference-maker. Let the players know that you are there for them and that you are there to support them. Step up, Texans fans, and be the 12th Man this weekend!