Houston Texans: Prime Time Thursday Night Football Colts Preview


The Houston Texans can still clench a first round bye in the playoffs, and Houston has not won in Indianapolis in 9 games. This is a different team, then in the past, and this years Colts team is one that is leaderless, talentless, and Peytonless. I have always said this Indianapolis team without QB Peyton Manning, is one of the worst teams in the NFL, and there 1-13 record proved me correct. This team has no desire to win, and we will take advantage of that in the limelight of NFL Network Thursday Night Football.

What kind of winning organization signs only QB Kerry Collins, when football god Peyton goes down? They are tanking this season, but they won last week because it is counterproductive to win 0 games. It is very good we played them after they have already won, no one wants to play a winless team. So look for the Texans to absolutely dominate tonight. This Texans team is a winning team. This Texans team is a playoff team. This Texans team has lost 3 of its 5 best players for a majority of the season, but has still managed to be a top 5 offense and the best defense in the NFL. Head Coach Gary Kubiak plans on winning this game. If we win tonight it will be the first time the Texans beat the Colts twice in one season. If we want to win tonight, we have to do two things.

Arian Foster Needs To Get Going Early

The Houston Texans have a 80% chance of winning when RB Arian Foster gets the ball 30+ times. When Tate gets the ball 15+ times along with Arians 30+, we add 5% to that. Without QB Matt Schaub we are team that needs to play ahead. You do not want a rookie QB to play from behind, they do not have the nerves or smarts. Look what happened last week against Carolina. Arian getting the ball early will be most beneficial to QB T.J. Yates. We beat the Bengals and Falcons, because Arian ran the ball well and opened up the field for the receiving core. Everyone is expecting Yates to make these short passes because he is a rookie, so it is easy for opposing defense to read him. We beat Cincinnati and Atlanta by making ballsy play calls. Kubiak called for a lot of big plays. If we throw deep, run the ball, and pass to Arian in the flats our offense will dominate, as usual. Arian Foster now averages 166 yards against the Colts, and if he gets rid of his fumbilitis, he will be fine. I am worried about DE Dwight Freeney and DE Robert Mathis tearing our rookie QB apart, so if Arian is able to get the ball going, their priority will switch to stopping the run, instead of pursuing T.J. Yates.

If We Give Up Less Than 20 Points, We Will Win

The Texans defense had its one bad week last week, and to be fair it is because our offense kept them on the field most of the game. Carolina scored 20+ in 13 of their games this season, while the Texans have allowed 20+ only four times. The Texans have only allowed 20+ points to the Raiders, Saints, Ravens, and Panthers. Those are our only 4 losses of the year. So statistically speaking if the Texans allow less than 20 points it is a guaranteed win. I know now your asking, how many points did the Colts get last match up against the Texans, well it is 7. The Texans defense have held 10 teams to ONE or ZERO touchdowns. How many games have we won? We have won 10 games, that is how good this defense is, and last week showed how important Wade Phillips is to this team.