Houston Texans: On the Nose, Power Rankings, and More…


NT Shaun Cody amps up the antics in this week’s episode of On the Nose. If you have never watched an episode of this web sensation you must do so immediately! Shaun is hilarious and the things that he does on the show will leave you laughing so hard you side will hurt.

Last week Shaun started off with a quirky talk about the rising average age of the Houston Texans. He pulls out a fancy graph (on poster board) that shows the average age of the Texans over the last season. Over the last few weeks you see see the graph rise to the top of the chart as the Texans brought in QB Jake Delhomme, QB Jeff Garcia, and K Matt Turk. Shaun then goes on to interview the two “aging” quarterbacks and I could not stop laughing. Both Delhomme and Garcia played along very well an the ensuing hilarity continued throughout the show.

Today, in filming for this week’s episode, Shaun dressed up as Santa Claus and tried to get some of his teammates to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. His first victim…WR Kevin Walter.

Shaun pulled up a chair next to Walter at his locker and, patting his knee, told him to sit down and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Walter was very hesitant, even calling Shaun “weird” for what he was doing. Eventually Walter ended up on Shaun’s knee and even ended up singing Christmas carols with him.

Shaun’e next ‘victim’ was DE Antonio Smith. Smith is already the type who likes to clown around so I can only begin to imagine what sort of things were said between those two.

As I said before, if you have never watched On the Nose now is the time. Even NFL.com has begun posting Shaun’s videos on their website!

In other news, the Texans are being shown some mercy in this week’s NFL.com power rankings. They remained in the seventh spot between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons. Both the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens lost their games this week and they dropped two spots so the Texans’ loss came with a side of grace from the power rankings gods.

Speaking of power rankings, the window to secure the week one bye in the postseason is closing quickly with the Texans loss this week. As it stands now the Texans would have to win their two remaining games (against the Indianapolis Colts this week and then the Tennessee Titans) and either the Baltimore Ravens or New England Patriots would have to lose a game for the Texans to get a bye on the first round of the playoffs. Their best chance will probably come when the Ravens travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. If ever there were a time to cheer for a Katy boy, the game between the Ravens and the Bengals would be the one…

Otherwise the most likely scenario is that the Texans, Patriots, and Ravens all win out the rest of the season. This would seal the Texans in at the third seed in the AFC.

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