Houston Texans: Yaters Gonna Yate


After that game today, I think we are all a bit indifferent. Should we be mad, we lost, and potentially a first round bye? Should we be glad it is only one of four losses, thus far this year? Is our defense really that bad, with out Wade Phillips at the helm? Where was our offense today? All I know is you can nit pick every game to death, but in all reality us losing to the Carolina Panthers should cause no one to panic.

So what happened today? I would like to amount it to a simple conclusion, between defensive coordinator Wade Phillips absence and a lack of energy on both sides of the ball, we were sure to lose this game. Coming off the single biggest game in Texans franchise history, the players had a very draining and exciting week. The relief of finally making the playoffs made us a bit lackadaisical. The Texans in the past 8 eight games before this weekend have not given up more than 20 points, and the Panthers have put up 20+ points in 12 games this year. Today Carolina scored 28 points and that is nothing to be ashamed of, seeing as we did not have the guy who calls every play on defense at the game. QB Cam Newton is a shoe in for Offensive Rookie of the Year, and he practically sealed that today after beating the best defense in the NFL. QB T.J. Yates and RB Arian did not have terrible games, but they did not play up to potential. I blame the receiving core today for Yates’s poor performance, too many players had drops. With WR Andre Johnson out and a rookie QB, the receiving core needs to pick up some slack and make sure they catch what is thrown to him. Yates also made some rookie mistakes today, his interception were both very questionable, but other than those two plays and some over thrown passes, Yates played up to expectations.

Our franchise has finally reached the level where, losing games like this are okay. Every winning franchise has some games they just can’t win because the football gods decided so, look what happened to Green Bay in Kansas City. I can’t remember the last time I was in such a good mood, on the day of a Texans loss, but I guess that is one of the advantages to clinching a division championship. Haters are going to hate, so if this week someone reminds you that we lost today, or that we have too many injuries to count, remind the haters that the Texans are the AFC South Champs, and probably won’t lose a game for the rest of the season.