Uncharted Territory


Houston is ecstatic and the Texans are all smiles, as they are newly crowned AFC South champions and have punched their ticket to the postseason, both feats are franchise firsts, now as the Texans venture into the unknown, posting ten wins already, beating the franchise best nines. Fans gave the team a warm reception as they triumphantly returned home from Cincinnati, packing the Bud Light Pavilion at Reliant Stadium, a party and vivid celebration from fans and players alike as the players thanked the fans for their support and promised further success. With only three games remaining: Carolina, Indianapolis, and Tennessee; the games are essentially blow off games and have no meaning, now had the Saints not won, the final game versus Tennessee might have actually meant something, or possibly even the AFC South, but thankfully, that is not the situation, although, the game is in Houston and the home field advantage is indeed undeniable in Reliant as we’ve seen throughout the year, the twelfth man makes his presence known against opposing offenses.

These Texans have multiple chips on their shoulders for being blown off and underrated, a few select people were smart enough to even forecast the Texans to make the playoffs, let alone post a winning season, now that they have, what can they do with it? Many hope for a first round bye, a number one seed, and the weaker team from the Wild Card, the possibility of running the table and finishing the year 13-3 is very likely and certainly in reach for the team. If the season ended today, the Broncos and Steelers would play and the Patriots and Jets would play against one another, a likely opponent could either be the Broncos or the Jets, should they win, both are teams the Texans are capable of beating. An AFC title game berth in the first time of making the playoffs sounds sweet to me, the Texans are a powerful team that takes each opponent seriously and go on a game to game basis, if the Texans can buckle down and remain healthy, well, using the loosest form of healthy as they are already banged up, and play to their fullest ability, who says they cannot make the Super Bowl. A bold prediction indeed, but when you have a powerhouse defense, and an offense that can light up the scoreboard, the possibilities are indeed limitless.

-Richard Perez