The Bulls are on Parade


After the Texans traveled to Cincinnati today, there is only one word on my mind that defines the Houston Texans: unstoppable. If you are are a fan of wrestling, it seems like the Texans are much like Alberto del Rio, it’s their destiny. It is finally their time to shine and nothing is stopping them.

The Texans have suffered some tough losses to their players this season thanks to injury including Matt Schaub and Mario Williams both lost for the season as well as nagging injuries to some of our best players such as Andre Johnson, Arian Foster and Danieal Manning, however the Texans week in and week out have found a way to win their last seven games in a row, a franchise record.

This week marked TJ Yates’ second start in the NFL and whilst he still seems a little green, you can see that Yates is destined for greatness. Today, Yates proved that he is a playmaker; he will get the first down with his arm of with his feet if he has to. Capping it all off, TJ Yates had one of the best 2 minute drills I’ve ever seen from a rookie, sure he got sacked on one play, but I’ve seen some of the best QB’s in the NFL take a sack when they couldn’t afford one. TJ also missed one of his TE’s who was wide open but beyond that, there were very few things to complain about Yates’ performance.

But, no matter how good the offense did, props have to be given to the new, better than ever, Wade Phillips-led defense. The secondary had a few problems letting the Cincy receivers get a couple of big plays, but the defense stepped up when it counted and stopped the Bengals to give the offense a chance at winning the game and are partially responsible for TJ Yates being a hero today.

Last week I said the Texans would finish 13-3 and would get the #1 seed, it’s starting to look like more and more of a reality. The bulls are on parade and I dare anyone try and stop them. Say hello to the new Houston Texans, the 2011 AFC South Champions