Houston Texans: A Super Bowl Can Be Accomplished


The Texans have already exceeded all expectations. They have beaten all odds, and now for the first time in franchise history we are the number one seed in the AFC and are poised to win the AFC Championship. We are all skeptical of the Texans just completely blowing this, but after watching our 3rd string QB T.J. Yates lead our team to a victory Sunday I have full faith that the Texans can not only obtain making the playoffs, but I believe we can actually go all the way to the Super Bowl.

The NFL draft does actually work; a perfect example of this is teams like the Texans and 49ers. They are both dominating in their respective divisions. The Texans are undefeated in the AFC South and have to still play the disgusting Colts and the Titans at the end of the year. I am worried about teams like the Bengals and Panthers because they are teams that can steal games quickly due to their outstanding rookie QB’s Andy ‘Red Rifle’ Dalton and Cam Newton.

To even question whether or not the Texans can beat these four teams is preposterous to me! Only two teams have a winning record,and  two teams have rookie QB facing the #1 defense. We have already beat both the Titans and Colts. The Steelers stomped the Bengals and the Titans, and the Texans already have beated the Steelers.  After beating a talented team like the Falcons, there is definitely a possibility the Texans win out the rest of the year. If we stick to our formula of run the ball, shut down the opposing offense, and throw a couple of bombs to WR Andre Johnson. 

  • We have an offense line that just played its last good defensive line. They can make any play for our super star duo of RB Arian Foster and RB Ben Tate. When the Texans run 30+ times we are practically guaranteed a win. If Arian gets 20 carries a game and Tate gets 10-15 carries the Texans have won every game. The Texans have the 5th best offense in the NFL and score an average of 25.8 points per game. 
  • If WR Andre Johnson is healthy that is the key to Yate’s success. He is the best WR in the NFL when healthy and is the perfect weapon for Yate’s. Every rookie has a hesitance in their throws in the NFL, once Yate’s becomes confident that hesitance will leave and his timing with the rest of the receiving core will be on time. Also nothing is better than have two great TE for a rookie QB. TE Owen Daniels and TE Joel Dreesen are big, fast, and easily targeted. Yates had a QB rating of 86.8 against the Falcons.
  • Our defense went from zero to hero thanks to Wade Phillips, CB Johnathan Josepth, and JJ Watt. They were the missing puzzle pieces this #1 defense has been looking for. With players like ILB Brian Cushing, OLB Connor Barwin, and CB Kareem Jackson stepping it up we have formed into the best defense in the NFL.  Our defense has only allowed a total of 189 points this year, and all of last season we allowed 427. We have a +12 Takeaway/Giveaway ratio which is 3rd in the NFL. With this years defense the only formidable offense we play is that of Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers, but we are 4th in run and pass defense. The only 3 QB’s to beat the Texans defense are Drew Brees, Joe Flaccoe, and Jason Cambell.