Texans will Finish 13-3; #1 Seed


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a win-streak, no escape from reality. Open your eyes look up at the field and seeeeee the Texans’ first playoff team.

Today the Houston Texans beat the Atlanta Falcons 17-10 with their franchise record SIXTH straight consecutive win to improve to 9-3. Who’s left? Cincinnati, Carolina, Indianapolis, and Tennessee. With that schedule, the Texans have a legitimate chance of winning out this season.

Cincinnati is the biggest challenge but the Texans should be able to beat them. Our defense should be able to tear rookie QB Andy Dalton apart as well as keep all of the WR for Cincinnati in check.

Carolina will also pose somewhat of a challenge, but not much, Cam Newton may be able to move, but he won’t be doing much against our front 7. As long as the Texans can contain Newton in the pocket, the game is in the bag.

Do I really even have to talk about the Colts? No Manning? No Problem. Easy win for the Texans.

Finally we finish the season against Tennessee at home, I think the fans would be so excited at the fact that we are going to the playoffs that the crowd noise alone will probably knock the Titans on their ass (especially considering how they have been playing this year). Also granted the fact that we already demolished Tennessee earlier this season, Tennessee shouldn’t be a problem.

Today marked TJ Yates’ first start as a QB and I have to say it wasn’t bad. For someone who never expected to see the field until at least 2013, TJ Yates played really well finishing with 188 yards and a touchdown bomb to Joel Dreesen. He did go 12-25 which is not great but rookie QBs are known to be inaccurate at first so he can only get better. I’m feeling extremely optimistic that even with all the set backs the Texans have had, they seem to keep winning.

Playoffs and #1 seed at 13-3, here we come