Houston Texans: Matt Leinart is Out, Conspiracy Theories are In


With yesterday’s loss of QB Matt Leinart, the theories as to whom the Houston Texans will pursue have begun. There are so many different opinions, rumors, rumblings, and idle chatter that it appears as if people are trying to dissect a conspiracy here. The following are just a few of the many theories as to whom the Texans will “allegedly” pursue in order to sure up the QB position.

Theory #1 – Brett Favre

This has to be my favorite theory so far. Sure, the Texans are struggling and grasping at ropes right now trying to find a warm body to add to the roster but Favre is so old that his body has grown cold. Look, the guy is 42 years old, has unretired twice, and probably could not throw a ball further than 20 yards without it looking like a lame duck.

Notwithstanding is the fact that both the Houston Texans organization and Brett Favre himself have said that this is NEVER going to happen. This is understandable for the Texans who are looking to avoid the three-ring circus that would accompany the news of Favre once again returning to football. The team is looking for wins, not has-beens.

Similarly, the media and fans alike just need to leave the guy alone. He is retired and, most likely, just plain tired. He put in his time playing football and will always be remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Green Bay history, let us leave it at that.

Theory #2 – Sage Rosenfels

While this theory seems the most credible it also seems to be unlikely. Rosenfels, who played as the Texans’ backup QB from 2006-08, would be a good fit into the system. However, the Miami Dolphins will not release him, let alone let him return to a team who already has a winning record.

Rosenfels was placed on the Dolphins’ IR list just over a month ago with an “undisclosed” injury. Still, the Dolphins plan on retaining the veteran quarterback just in case he is needed in Miami. Fans in Houston may be celebrating the idea of having him back but I have one word for all of them…Rosencopter!

Theory #3 – Rick Brokaw

The high-school-quarterback-turned-teacher has never stepped foot on an NFL field but that does not stop others from suggesting him among Favre and Rosenfels. Brokaw was a stud quarterback at Marcus High School in Texas where he finished his senior year with a state championship, 4,517 passing yards, 135 passing TDs, 830 rushing yards, 7 rushing TDs, and only 4 INTs.

Brokaw has been rumored to be a quarterbacks scout for the University of Texas where he went to college from 2006-10*.

The point is this…the Texans organization knows best when it comes to finding another quarterback. Favre is too old, the Dolphins will not surrender Rosenfels, and Brokaw is not a likely option in any universe. Stop fretting and know that, no matter who the Texans find, the team will still make the playoffs!

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*If you have not figured it out yet, I am Rick Brokaw and I have never played the quarterback position. However, I would almost bet that a majority of you thought about Googling me to find out more…didn’t you!?