Houston Texans: 4 Reasons the Season is NOT Over


QB Matt Schaub, is hands down my favorite Texan. I was even wearing his shirt when I heard the tear jerking news. At first it was 3 weeks, now it is the season? First off I don’t understand how those two reports completely changed. First I had a flash of terror, the season is over right? We can’t win without Schaub, he is our leader, and who knows the offense better than him? But fear not the season is not over.

1. We Have the #1 Defense in the NFL

Wade Phillips has been able to make our defense do a full 360, even without OLB Mario Williams, another player who fell to a season ending injury. We are getting turnovers and sacks in vast quantities, and in the past 5 games haven’t allowed more than 14 points a game. As of now this is the backbone to our team, they are solid, they are hungry, and they have proved everyone wrong.

2. We Have the Best Dual Threat RB in the NFL 

Not many teams have the luxury Rick Dennison has, do I run with RB Ben Tate or with RB Arian Foster? They are both top 10 running backs and have each accumulated over 650 yards. Arian has been great at receiving, with 2 +100 yard games in the past 4. So if we limit Matt Leinart to throwing no more than 20-25 passes a game, and just pound the ball on the ground our offense can still perform.

3. Andre Johnson, Nuff Said

I don’t care who you are, I won’t listen, WR Andre Johnson is the best WR in the NFL. Some might say it is WR Calvin Johson Jr. for Detroit, even Andre did, but he has not been as consistent and dominant as Andre has all of his career. Andre and Matt Leinart have one week to get familiar with each other before the Jacksonville game. Andre’s dominance will definitely help Leinart ease into the starting role. They looked pretty compatible when I saw them this summer at training camp.

4. We Have the Most Underrated Offensive Line 

I attribute a large part of the Texans #2 offensive rank to Eric Winston, Chris Meyers, Wade Smith, and Duane Brown. Schaub has only been sacked only 16 times this season, and a 6 of them came out of 2 games. They have pushed over defensive lines, to make not only Foster a top running back, but also Ben Tate. They will be able to protect Leinart, so he can take his time in the pocket, and manage the game.

If Leinart is able to manage this team into the playoffs it will be great for his career, at one point he has one a national championship and Heisman, this guy knows how to play football. The rest of the season is up to him, he just needs to help this offense score more than our electric defense allows. Texans fans suffered injuries to 3 of our 4 best players, and it is up to Leinart to step up and be a leader. The AFC South is ours for the grabbing, and we have 3 games left, I have hope for our Texans.

In Leinart We Trust