Dirty Victories > Clean Losses


So, as the Texans have shaken the mantra of soft, and insignificant, we have to fight on and continue to be valiant in our efforts to take the league by storm. In a season where we receive no respect from the schedule makers, the Texans have come out guns blazing and firing on all cylinders, giving a damn good fight to those who oppose them.

Despite dropping three games, the Texans were not defeated by the opponents by any means necessary, however,

they did lose the game by making mistakes and defeating themselves. From the blown leads in New Orleans, to the collapse against Oakland (an angel by the name of Al Davis led them to victory), or the underwhelming, lack of effort in Baltimore, these Texans did not give up.

With the Browns coming into Houston, this is a should win for the Texans, whether its a close score victory similar to the one over Jacksonville, or an outright whipping and embarrassment of the other team, like the games against Tennessee, Indianapolis, or Miami. Along with all of the other games in the season, this game is a must win; with our defense locked and loaded, we are ready to fight and cage the “Dawgs” in the kennel and send em cryin’ to the dog pound!

The defense will have to live up to its newly dubbed dirtiness and pour on the pressure on the Clowns’ offense and give Colt McCoy an unceremonious homecoming. A former Texas University Quarterback, who, undoubtedly will have Longhorn homers in the crowd sporting either McCoy Browns’ jerseys, or a few will even have the audacity to wear a burnt orange Colt McCoy jersey, like many adamant Longhorn diehards wore Vince Young Titans’ jerseys and Longhorn jerseys to the game where Vince came into Houston and embarrassed us. Although, like many who are Houston faithful, the former Longhorn ended up being a bust, causing trouble in the Eagles’ locker room as a back-up, and is the one who people blame for saying that they are the dream team.

As one of the many Texan diehards, I fully support Matt Shaubalicious, and would not have any other quarterback in the league as my quarterback, but enough love on him, the defense needs to play airtight coverage and cause as much havoc and make the Browns offense struggle, worry, and hurry.  Very much like the offensive shut down of the Titans, the Texans defense must come through with a repeat performance and show consistency as this has eluded the team as a franchise overall, the team has a very good chance to get into  a rhythm defensive and find the “zone” preparing them for upcoming challenges.

"Overall, I see a great, competitive game from these Texans, and hope, and know they will emerge victorious from this game.– Richard Perez"