ToroTimes, J & R From Sports Radio 610, and This Week’s Game


Today was fun as I shared a little banter with Josh Innes and Rich Lord of Sports Radio 610. These two guys are hilarious and, in all seriousness, are the best radio personalities in the Houston area, if not all of Texas. I have been an avid sports radio listener for years and J & R not only speak the truth but they also use humor to drive home some hard-hitting news.

One of the guys (whose name I shall not mention here….JOSH) obtained back-stage passes for a Taylor Swift concert and decided to go to the concert rather than watch college football. While I suggested that his man-card should be immediately revoked I also mentioned that I would be backstage with him! Let us be honest here, Taylor Swift is talented, has a great voice, and is hot! I know I am a married man but I can recognize a beautiful woman just as easily as a single guy can!

Ok…now that that is out of my system let us talk about another topic that J & R discussed today – this week’s upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns. Look, it is fairly obvious to myself, and even the Cleveland fans, that this will most likely be a lopsided game.

The Browns have the 26th ranked offense and fifth ranked defense in the league. Much like the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Browns are seriously off-balance and, being such, are 3 – 4 for the season. What is perhaps the most misleading about the Browns defense lies in their ability to stop the run. While their pass defense is stellar (second in the league) their run stopping ability ranks among the lowest third of the league.

With the Texans being a run-first type of team this could spell major trouble for the Browns. They are allowing an average of 127.3 yards/game. Against the Texans, who have the ninth and 11th best running backs in the league, the Browns are in trouble. Their defense could spend more time on the field than they need to if the Texans ground game gets moving at full speed. Assuming Arian Foster and Ben Tate run well against the Browns then Colt McCoy could see very limited time on the field.

In fact, the game is predicted to be so bad that even Brown’s fan Chuck Booms told J & R that this game is going to be

"…a complete @$$ kicking [by the Texans]"

He also mentioned that the best game plan for the Browns would be to “miss the flight” (hilarious!).

No matter what, this game is a must-win for the Texans. They are coming off of a huge win against a division rival and have great momentum going into this game. Everyone has picked the Texans to win this game and a loss here would be beyond devastating, it would be embarrassing.

My prediction: Houston Texans (5-3) 31 – Cleveland Browns (3-4) 10.

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