Houston Texans: How Are Linebacker Derrell Smith and Chevy Camaros Connected?


So how, exactly, are former Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Derrel Smith and the Chevrolet Camaro connected? Well let us take a minute and look at the connection…

LB Derrell Smith

Linebacker Derrell Smith, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, was worked out by the Houston Texans today.  Smith, who was originally signed by the Buccaneers after being undrafted, was signed to the practice squad of the team early this season. As the Buccaneers made moves to improve their current roster they had to make room on the practice squad and Smith was a victim of the player shuffle. 

Smith played his college career at Syracuse University where he averaged 8.7 tackles/game, 0.72 sacks/game, 1.06 tackles for loss/game, and 0.44 forced fumbles/game made him an All-Big East honors player for the team.

Though he is undersized for a linebacker at 6’2″ and 232 lbs. he could easily add some bulk and would be similar in stature to OLB Brooks Reed. The Texans are working out Smith after losing LB Darryl Sharpton to a season-ending injury against the Jaguars this week.  Meanwhile, LB Tim Dobbins has now became the primary backup linebacker for both the OLB and ILB position.

The Houston Texans are also the team that OLB Mario Williams played for before he suffered his season-ending injury to his pectoral muscles…and so the connection is made.

Chevrolet Camaros

Mario Williams, the Texans’ star OLB who was injured a few weeks ago, made a huge donation to the Houston Police Department today. Williams, with the help of Mayor Annise Parker and Police Chief Charles McClelland Jr., introduced the HPD to their five new police cars. Mario donated five brand new, specially equipped Chevrolet Camaros to the HPD as a way of showing his support for the job that the department does in keeping the city safe.

Williams was adamant about his admiration for both the police and fire departments of the city. He also indicated that when his football days are done he may be giving the Houston P.D. a phone call.

Of the five cars that Williams donated at least one of them is an “undercover” Camaro. Pictures of the new cars were captured by passers-bye and are seen here:

So now you know how LB Derrell Smith is connected to the Chevy Camaro!

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