Houston Texans: We are 5-3, but Only Have One Prime Time Game?


Only one team is better than us in the AFC (Pittsburgh), we have the #3 offense and the #8 defense, so why is our only prime time against a Peyton Manningless Colts on a Thursday Night? That I have no answer to…We are the 6th most valuable franchise with the 4th largest market in the country?When healthy we have WR Andre Johnson the best wide receiver in the league, and one of the best pass rushers in the league OLB Mario Williams. We have an explosive offense in QB Matt Schaub and RB Arian Foster, that puts up points, and a Texans defense led by ILB Demeco Ryans and ILB Brian Cushing, that has a swagger that results in sacks and turnovers.

I watch nearly every Sunday and Monday night football game, and recently they have all been boring enough for me to switch to playing Madden instead to make up for my lack of football entertainment that I wasted watching a terrible football game.

There have been bad games all year, but last weeks Ravens vs. Jaguars game was the last straw. St. Louis getting blown out by the Giants? Dallas kicking 6 FG to beat Washington with a no name offense? Tampa Bay a terrible market barely beating a Manningless Colts? Jets stuffing a horrendous Miami?  This Chiefs Chargers game on right now is terrible too.

All I am saying is who in the NFL do we need to beg to get on prime time television. We are a team that blows leads, and that makes for good TV and ratings! Look at all of our prime time games from last year. We are a team at the head of our division and I know our Falcons game might get switched to prime time, but these are just the rants of an angry Texans fan who lives in Fort Worth and is tired of not being able to watch my favorite team, and being forced to watch the Cowgirls get owned by the Eagles.