Houston Texans:What is the Key to Beating the Jaguars?


The Texans are #1 in the AFC South, and no that is not a typo. When the Texans offense and defense are both clicking on all cylinders and have no hiccups, our team is practically unstoppable. The 4-3 Texans have the 5th best offense and 11th best defense in the NFL, and our pass defense went from 32nd against the pass to 8th. I even saw Gary Kubiak smile last Sunday, maybe he is happy his team finally came together, and with starters WR Andre Johnson and TE James Casey back to play Jacksonville Sunday, the Texans are looking to get their fifth win of the season. We are wearing our Battle Red Jerseys at home in Reliant, and we are 7-5 all time in Battle Red and 4-2 against Jacksonville in Battle Red.

For those of you who watched Jacksonville vs. Baltimore, which was the most boring MNF game I have ever watched, you saw that the Jacksonville offense, with rookie QB Blaine Gabbert at the helm, can’t even score a TD. If it weren’t for the amazing leg of K Josh Scobee the Jaguars would of never upset the Baltimore Ravens. As of now the Jaguars are the worst pass offense in the league, and have the 12th best running game. So what is the key to stopping this already slow offense? It is beating them early just like Tennessee.

Jacksonville’s defense is the best part of their team, so the only function of their offense is to keep other offenses off the field and give their defense a break. With no receiving core and a rookie QB I would say it is a safe assumption that Wade Phillips will put 8 in the box on 99% of plays. If we abuse the Jacksonville offensive line as bad as we did the Tennessee one, I see the Texans being able to pitch a shut out this game. I really am not worried about our defense this weekend, we have established we can stop elite RB like RB Ray Rice and RB Darren McFadden, which is why I am not too worried about RB Maurice Jones-Drew. Between turnovers and sacks, I see our defense churning out of the best games we will have all year statistically.

Gary Kubiak’s play calling was absolutely perfect last weekend, and QB Matt Schaub and RB Arian Foster absolutely crushed a decent Titan defense.  The Jaguar defense is slightly better than the Titans one, but the only impressive offense they stopped was the Saints. We can beat this defense, especially now that Andre is back. Between RB Ben Tate and Foster I am convinced the Texans have the best running game in the NFL. They are able to play perfect when our offensive line steps up its game. The games before Sunday our offensive line struggled and Schaub was definitely starting to feel it, but they stepped it up last week against the Titans and I expect them to be back to form this weekend against a pretty good Jaguars defensive line. If we run the ball in the redzone and Andre is able to stretch out the field expect the Texans defense to put up at least 20 points.