That’s More Like It


The Texans took on the Titans today and won rather handily…

I’m sorry, did I say won? I meant obliterated the Titans in a 41-7 rout of the team that used to be the Oilers. Not only was our offense firing on all cylinders, our defense was crushing the Titans offense.

To give you a sense of the one-sidedness, Arian Foster had a combined 234 yards receiving and rushing as well as 3 touchdowns including a franchise record tying 78 yard touchdown reception in the 2nd quarter.Compare that to the  Titans offense which only had 148 net yards with 1 touchdown.

Our defense played incredibly today, stopping the run, pressuring the QB and getting two interceptions, one of which was returned for 6 by Brice McCain in for his first touchdown in his young career.

On offense, our offensive line, played like men on a mission now allowing a single sack the whole game as well as giving Matt Schaub minutes in the pocket as well as opening massive holes for Arian Foster and the very talented Ben Tate to run through.

The most important thing that we saw in this game was a spark in the way the Texans played. There was none of that crappy second-half play that has made a few games close when we should have beat the snot out of the opposing team (as well as costing us a few games). Instead the Texans came out strong and hard against the Titans, not letting up for a single instant. In fact, this is only the second time this season that the Texans scored more points in the second half than they did in the first (the other time being against New Orleans).

This has been the kind of game that Texans fans should expect from the Texans week in and week out. We have an insanely powerful offense, one of the best in the league, we should have no problem running the score like this even against defenses that are better than the Titans’. We also have a young, but improving defense, and there is no reason why they should allow a mediocre team to score heavily against them and that is exactly what they did in Tennessee.