A New Reinstilled Hope


In a record breaking, blow out of the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans show why this team is dominate, and deserve to be respected and feared in this league. Without the offensive and defensive leaders, this team fought and made a statement to the rest of the league that we are contenders and that no matter how tough times are, we shall remain resilient, a wise man once said that to survive is to withstand ans prosper, and when faced with diversity, this team has most certainly survived. This week’s game ball is a split between everybody,

the team as a whole dominated and won this game, from the defense shutting the Titans’ offense for almost the entire game, and limiting them to only 7 points. An all around feat of domination offensively, scoring almost at will and not punting a single time the entire game, despite two turnover on downs, the offense refused to sputter after the Titans started to gain momentum, scoring again and kept piling on the pressure and refused to let Tennessee back in the game.

Hope for this Texans team has been revitalized after dropping two heartbreakers back to back, but still fighting and not giving up despite taking the losses, proving that no matter how much the Texans are in the hole, they will fight tooth and nail to come back and battle for the win. This Texans team CAN WIN in any situation, great teams survive great challenges, and even greater teams prosper from said challenges, and from what we’ve seen from this group of guys, they are certainly a great team and are nit given the respect they so deserve. With a clear dominant win over division rivals Tennessee, and Indianapolis, all that remains in our very attainable goal of our first playoff birth and quest for our first championship of the AFC South, is Jacksonville, a lowly 1-5 team. No single team should be ever disregarded, and be blown off as an easy win, but a win over the only team who we have not faced in our division will only increase our chances for winning the AFC South title, and ultimately. our first ever playoff birth, which at this point in the season, seems like a goal this team can AND will achieve this goal. How far they will go in the playoffs is still up in the air and very much depends and how we finish the season and how high of a seed we get in the playoff picture, but a playoff birth and our first banner will be hung in Reliant Stadium, a banner that will read “2011 AFC South Champions” with more banners to follow in the coming years

– Richard Perez