Houston Texans: Coach Gary Kubiak Needs to Grow a Spine


The Houston Texans are going into week seven of the regular season and fans are beginning to get that sickening feeling again. After starting the season 3-1 the Texans have lost their last two games and are now half a game behind the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South. For a team that is at that “do-or-die” stage, this team seems to be writing its own epitaph.

Perhaps the most unsettling revelation about the past few weeks is that

Coach Gary Kubiak does not seem to have any great desire to see this team win. Sure, he has talked about being “disappointed” in different players and “concerned” about the team’s performance but where is this Gary Kubiak?

What the Texans need most right now is a fire-breathing, butt-kicking, red-faced coach who is going to hold each player accountable for his own actions. They need a coach who will bench them for doing something stupid and get in their face and yell at them when they mess up.

"Granted, not all coaches need to be born in the fires of Hades in order to get their team to win but it is rather obvious that the Texans need some more passion in their play."

Three weeks ago when the Texans were struggling against the Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Kubiak lit a fire under the back-side of the Texans offense. The offense then went on to add another touchdown to the board and sealed the victory for the team.

It seems to me that it would be safe to assume that Coach Kubiak wants to keep his job with the team. However, if he keeps coddling the players, and telling them that they can “do better”, then the team could have a job opening by season’s end.

Coach Kubiak needs to grow a spine and start manhandling these players before opposing teams do. Texans fans are growing sick of seeing the team lose games only to hear the same old, repetitious excuses of why they lost this particular game. We want wins not excuses, we want a playoff berth not another losing record, and, if Coach Kubiak can not get it for us, we will want a new coach!