Houston Texans: Andre Johnson’s Out Sunday. What Can WR Derrick Mason Bring To Houston?


Recently the Texans have acquired WR Derrick Mason from the Jets, and no he is not a rookie. He’s played for 15 years and has accumulated over 12,000 yards (that’s 2,500 more than WR Andre Johnson).  He spent his career in Tennessee and Baltimore, where he is the all time leader in receptions, and has won 2 been to the Pro Bowl twice.

So why did the Texans spend money on a future hall-of-famer at the end of his career?

Who knows the tendencies of the Baltimore Ravens and Tennesse Titans offense and defense better than Derrick Mason? 

He knows the ins and outs of their offense, and probably knows Joe Flaccoe better than anyone. We play Baltimore once and Tennessee twice. One of the times we play Tennessee, the Houston Texans will be AJless. Look WR Jacoby Jones never developed into the player we all thought.  He will even be able to help us out on defense because he practiced against them after all. WR Kevin Walter still has it, I was wrong. The rest of the receiving core is garbage lets face it. We even let go of fan favorite WR David Anderson to make some room. If we didn’t have such good TE, our passing game would struggle, so that is going for us. I really think this is a great move by GM Rick Smith. One thing the Texans lack is depth, just about every where on the football team. Veterans are the best way to add depth, and Derrick Mason is one of the best active veterans there is. With injuries plaguing the team with OLB Mario Williams out for the season, and WR Andre Johnson out for this game, we need some one who can take over and help.