Houston Texans: Snippets From Around the Web


After perusing the internet for news about the Texans I compiled some of the most read articles out there. Most of the news is not good news but when you are a Houston Texans fan you get used to that. The following articles examine player trades and waives, injuries, how the Texans made a major FUBAR, and the possible downfall of the 2011 Texans.

Looking to fix some of the holes in the team, the Houston Texans made some interesting moves this week. WR Derrick Mason was traded to the Texans for a late-round draft pick, WR Trindon Holliday was re-signed to the team, while WR David Anderson and RB Chris Ogbonnaya were waived. The ailing Texans are looking for any possible stop for the bleeding that they have been suffering on both offense and defense in the recent weeks.

The Texans were victims of the ultimate “caught-with-your-pants-down” moment when the Oakland Raiders sealed their defeat with only 10 players on the field. The Raiders knew that they were short a player, however, the Texans were not. The Raiders still managed to capitalize on the opportunity and finished off QB Matt Schaub with an interception in the end zone.

OLB Mario Williams was lost for the season with a pectoral injury in Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders. Similarly, QB Matt Schaub and FB James Casey finished the game with injuries which have limited their practice this week.

After beginning the season looking like a playoff-ready team, the Houston Texans are beginning to fall apart at the seams once again. The Washington Post looks at the Texans and what could be yet another season of failure and disappointment.