Houston Texans: Texans Fantasy Outlook Week 5


The Texans are full of fantasy hopefuls this week against the Oakland Raiders. They are the 29th ranked defense in the NFL right now, and rank 22nd in the pass and 29th in the rush. 

So what does this mean for the Texans offense and Arian Foster?

RB Arian Foster

Last year he ran for 155 yards and a TD against Oakland. The most important part of this stat, is that Andre didn’t play in this game either. Which means the Texans will rely heavily on the run in this game as well. Last game Arian ran for 155 yards and TD against a much much better defense. Look for Arian to be the #1 fantasy RB this week.

WR Andre Johnson is out this week, and TE Owen Daniels is currently leading the Texans offense in red zone targets.

TE Owen Daniels

As of now Daniels is Schaub’s #1 receiver, and even though I do not expect the Texans to pass a whole lot Sunday, I expect our run game to open up enough for the pass so Owen can catch a couple of balls, and at least a touchdown. This pass defense is not very good now that CB Nnamdi Asomugha is gone, so that will help Schaub out a little bit. Owen Daniels is back to his old form, and with WR Andre Johnson out his numbers should increase.

The Oakland Raiders are currently ranked #1 in the rush on offense, but I don’t see that stopping the Texans from gathering some fantasy points. 

DEF Texans

10.3, that is the number of fantasy points the Texans defense is averaging. No that is not a typo. The Texans defense is racking up the sacks and turnovers, and making nearly every QB in their way lock up, other than QB Drew Brees. Against a sub par QB like QB Jason Cambell expect the Texans to get a couple of sacks and at least one interception. The only thing holding this defense back from racking up the most fantasy points is RB Darren McFadden. If the Texans offense is able to get ahead early and take away the run, the Texans defense should dominate.