Houston Texans: Is it Time for the Texans to Look to the Future at WR


With WR Andre Johnson down for the second time in 2 years, the question arises, is it time to draft a WR for the future in the 2012 draft in April? I personally think we do, we need to draft someone so Andre can become his mentor, and so that player can learn from one of the best to WR of all time. So what are our options for the 2012 draft?

1. WR Justin Blackmon OKST

2. WR Alshon Jeffrey SC

3. WR Jeff Fuller A&M

4. WR Michael Floyd ND

5. WR Juron Criner Arizona

Justin Blackmon and Alshon Jeffrey both for sure seem NFL ready, they have the perfect combination of speed, size, and hands, just like number 80. I don’t see us going for either of them though unless we trade up like Atlanta did for WR Julio Jones.

Jeff Fuller seems like a very plausible option. There are lots of A&M fans in Houston, Mike Sherman used to coach in Houston, and there are lots of Aggies in the Texans. I see us making the playoffs this year, and Fuller will be a late 1st rounder, so hopefully he can fall to us.

With all the talent in this draft class, I really do see us picking a WR in the 1st or 2nd round this year. Look our receiving core is honestly terrible other than Andre and TE Owen Daniels. I am not a WR Jacoby Jones or WR Kevin Walter fan, they each have only had one good season, and really just get catches because defenses have to focus on Andre and Owen. So in my mind and hopefully Rick Smith’s mind, we need an upgrade. Our other needs remain Defensive Tackle and Corner Back.