Do the Houston Texans Have a Curse?


This season was supposed to be THE season. We finally had the right defensive pieces in place to make a serious run for the playoffs. We already had a high-caliber offense and one of the best running backs in the league…but that was before the season began.

Now, in week four of the regular season, we have to question whether or not the Texans will actually win the AFC South this season.

First the Texans lost RB Arian Foster to a hamstring injury, then they lost RB Derrick Ward, followed by WR Kevin Walter and today both RB Ben Tate and WR Andre Johnson have had to leave the field because of injuries.

Add to these injuries the stupefying amount of penalties that the Texans have amassed and it almost amazes me to know that they are actually winning this game (for now). In the first half alone the Texans have managed to rack up eight penalties for 49 yards.

The worst penalty of them all come on a beautifully blocked field goal in which CB Johnathan Joseph grabbed the blocked kick and was heading for the opposite field goal. With the closest defender being 15 yards behind him Joseph pranced into the end zone…only to have the TD negated by a STUPID block in the back by S Danieal Manning.

So, now, rather than entering the locker room at the half with a 17 point lead the Texans have a meager 10 point lead. If last week is any indication of how the Texans play with a minimal lead then fans had better break out the Kleenex and prepare for a heartbreaker.

One must wonder, at this point, if the Texans are a cursed team. When all of the pieces looked to be in the right place they started losing players to injury. When they had a healthy team they racked up penalties. Now they are losing players to injury AND racking up the penalties.

Maybe Texans fans should toss some salt over their shoulder or make a wish on a shooting star…otherwise, this could be just another year for Texans fans.