Houston Texans’ Matt Schaub Guarantees, “We’re Going to Do It”


The Texans have run the ball 26 times in the red zone this season and gotten 1 yard or less 11 times. The Houston Texans red zone woes on the year are chronicled.

The Texans are expected to get Arian Foster back for Sunday’s match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Reliant, which should help the teams red zone rushing offense.

Not only will the return of Arian Foster help make those plays but as a team making those critical plays in which a team turns short yardage plays inside the ten of the opposing teams side of the field into six touchdowns instead of field goals.

After Wednesday practiceand after hearing Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub talk about becoming a team that can finish. Schaub was asked by a member of the local sports media.

Matt, you talk about stepping up as a team and making those plays on both sides of the ball. The team was up by nine points with ten minutes left and didnt close it out. How do you become that team?”

“We go out and do it this week. You become a team that doesn’t let things happen twice. When we go out this week we got to find a way to make these plays and we’re going to do it.” Matt Schaub responds to  reporters. “We are going to learn from what we didn’t do last week and we are going to get it done this week.”

While it remains to be seen if the Texans will be able to finish agasint the Pittsburgh Steelers this upcoming Sunday and while Matt Schaub and the rest of the Houston Texans team are far above the talent level of the Waterboy. We believe Schaub and the rest of the team can do it as well.

We also know that as professionals the Texans probably don’t require much motivational verbage in order to gear up for a game against a fellow AFC foe like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yet we can’t help ourselves in wanting to pass on to Matt Schaub and the rest of the Houston Texans that….


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