Toro Times Week 4 NFL Power Rankings


Week three is officially in the books and there are teams in places where many expected them to be and others in places where many didn’t expect them to be. Where does your team sit?

32. Kansas City Chiefs- Worst of the 0-3 teams.

31. Indianapolis Colts- Without Peyton Manning the Colts are just not very good. The Colts continue their slide down power rankings.

30. Minnesota Vikings- Lost another game in which they were ahead big in.Detroitcame from behind to win late.

29. Cincinnati Bengals- Cedric Benson could still play this week while the Bengals await the result of his appeal.

28. Denver Broncos- not much going right for the Denver Broncos.

27. Seattle Seahawks- Beat theArizonaCardinals with the return of Sidney Rice.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jags have some young talented players in key positions but that’s just it they are young and need to learn to play in the NFL.

25. St. Louis Rams- Seemed to be on the receiving end of an angry Baltimore Ravens squad who over-looked a Titans team two weeks ago. Unfortunately the Rams are 0-3 and are falling behind in the NFC West race.

24. Tennessee Titans- Losing Kenny Britt for the season is going to hurt.

23. Carolina Panthers- While Cam Newton didn’t have a great day passing on a rain soaked field;Newtondid manage to earn his first NFL win.

22. Miami Dolphins- Miami was beat byClevelandthis past Sunday. Head coach will be gone by year’s end.

21. Arizona Cardinals- Lost to Seattle and Washington in back to back weeks.

20.San Francisco49ers- Sitting on top of the NFC West division where not many expected them to be.

19. Washington Redskins- Lost to a Dallas Cowboys and didn’t surrender a touchdown.

18. Cleveland Browns- Colt McCoy and the Browns added the Miami Dolphins as notches in their belts.

17. Chicago Bears- Worst offensive line in the NFL & it showed this last Sunday.

16. Atlanta Falcons- Most thought the Falcons would be better than this at this point of the season.

15. Dallas Cowboys- Can the Cardiac Cowboys and Tony Romo keep winning in this fashion?

14. Oakland Raiders- Beat up on a New York Jets team and have a true test this week againstNew England.

13. New York Giants- New York did beat a mediocre Rams team but one still feels as if the Giants will have a down year.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Are tied with the Saints in the division and doing slightly better than expected

11. Pittsburgh Steelers- Age could be catching up with the Steelers.

10. New York Jets- Lost to the Oakland Raiders inOakland, Sanchez was abused by theOaklanddefense.

9. Detroit Lions- Calvin Johnson is a beast and on pace to break the single season receiving touchdown record.

8. Houston Texans- Houston performed valiantly at the Superdome only to come up short at the end. The Texans Lost to a good Saints team.

7. Philadelphia Eagles- Dream over for the dream team?

6. Buffalo Bills- To everyone outside of B-Lo they are a surprise team.

5. San Diego Chargers- When will Antonio Gates return to the line-up?

4. New England Patriots- fell a couple spots after allowing Buffalo come back from 21 points down to win.

 3. New Orleans Saints- Managed to win the 2nd half of Sunday’s game against the Texans after being man-handled during the 1st half.

2. Baltimore Ravens- Beat up on the St. Louis Rams but laid an egg two weeks ago to the Tennessee Titans.

1.Green Bay Packers- Defending Super Bowl champs & Aaron Rodgers…Still enough said!

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