Houston Texans Do It Again!


Amazingly the Houston Texans have managed to pull off another incredible loss

After shutting the New Orleans Saints down early, the Texans failed to score a TD on three possessions within the Saints redzone. What should have been at least a 13 point lead going into halftime was only a six point lead due to the Texans inability to finish strong.

Granted, this was a showcase of two great QBs but the fact remains that the Texans defense was outplayed in the second half of this game. After giving up minimal yardage in the first half the Texans defense appeared to be lost on many of the second-half plays. Texans CB Kareem Jackson looked particularly bad as he was

constantly turning his back to the Saints QB Drew Brees. Brees capitalized on Jackson’s mistake more than just a few times and came up with at least one TD in the process.

The Texans offense looked great throughout the game. WR Andre Johnson had 128 yards receiving on seven catches while TE James Casey added another 126 yards and a TD. RB Ben Tate rushed for 82 yards but was kept out of the end zone.

At the end of this game Drew Brees had 370 yards of passing with 3 TDs and 2 INTs and Texans QB Matt Schaub had 373 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT. To say that these two QBs were evenly matched would be an understatement. Pass for pass they kept pace with each other throughout the game. However, at the end of the game it was Brees who finished big and came away with the victory.

Tune in tomorrow for Rick’s Rants and Reviews where I truly express how I feel about this game!

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