Houston Texans: Improved Defense Leads to Victory


If there is one lesson to be learned from today’s match-up between the Houston Texans and the Miami Dolphins it is this…the Texans defense is MUCH better than they were last season.

Last season’s stats read more like a recipe for disaster than a NFL team. The Texans defense finished: 29th in points allowed, 30th in yards allowed, last in passing yards allowed, 31st in passing TDs allowed, and 26th in rushing TDs allowed. Any NFL fan worth his weight in potato chips and burgers can tell you that defensive stats like that are atrocious. It was no wonder that the Texans suffered a mid-season collapse and finished the season with only six wins.

This season, however, is very, VERY different.

According to NFL.com the 2011 Texans defense is ranked: first in total yards allowed/game, first in passing yards/game, first in points allowed/game, third in third-down conversions allowed, and have allowed the second lowest total time of possession for offenses.

What a turn-around!

This is a team that means business and there improved mentality is apparent on almost every down. Players are holding each other accountable for bad plays, missed tackles, or blown assignments. Players are zipping around the field and getting to the ball as quickly as possible. The defense as a whole looks like a well-oiled machine and the entire NFL might be in for a surprise this season.

While it is too early to proclaim that the Texans are the best defense in the league, the stats do support such a claim. However, there is a lot of football left this season.

Coming off of last week’s dominance of the Indianapolis Colts and through this week’s defeat of the Miami Dolphins, the Texans will travel to New Orleans next week to take on Drew Brees and the Saints. In the pre-season the Texans handed the Saints a 27-14 loss. This next match-up between the neighboring teams will not be an easy one for the Texans. Last time the Texans visited the Big Easy (in 2003) they lost to the Saints.

The Texans defense won the first two games for them. By assuring that the offense did not have to pull off any come-from-behind miracles the defense has really pulled its weight this season. Going into next weeks game against the Saints they must repeat their dominance and help their team to another victory.