Houston Texans Fan Site: Toro Times Week 1 Power Rankings


After a highly anticipated week one officially in the books. Working our way from worst to first here are the Toro Times power rankings after a far from lackluster week one in the NFL.

1. Seattle Seahawks– 12th man or not it’s looking grim for a superstar-less team.

2. Cincinnati Bengals– Bengals and Andy Dalton will have his growing pains. Over under on Bengals win this season is?

3. Tennessee Titans– No one wants to mention the word “rebuild” inNashvillebut wake up people! It’s happening.

4. Denver Broncos– Orton is the starter inDenver.Denverwill try to run the ball in order to keep opposing offenses off the field but this past Sunday the run game never materialized. The passing game will be the Broncos strong suit and likely will be faced with being one dimensional all season due to playing from behind.

5. San Francisco 49ers– The Niners beat up on Seattle but still aren’t very good. New Coach/new staff.

6. Carolina Panthers– Cam Newton opened eyes opening day but it was against a porous Arizona Cardinals defense. Look for more run and play action passing to tight ends Greg Olsen, Jeremy Shockey and more to Steve Smith.

7. Minnesota Vikings– 39 passing yards per game by Donavon McNabb won’t get it done.

8. Miami Dolphins– The Dolphins have the potential to finish higher than this and as a team they are not as bad off as the popular consensus may feel that they are. We just don’t believe the potential will show up. Sorry Fin Fans.

9. Indianapolis Colts– One just gets that feeling that the Colts are about to begin a slide toward less than mediocrity especially with no Peyton Manning.

10. Arizona Cardinals– Another long season for Larry Fitzgerald and as it stands the Cardinals and Kevin Kolb get acclimated to one another.

11. Washington Redskins– Ryan Kerrigan is already making contributions on the defensive side of the ball…as if the Redskins defense needed it.

12.Oakland Raiders– The most penalized team in the league yet again. Still the Oakland Raiders won the 8 games while also sweeping the division champion Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately Jason Campbell is a feasible back-up but a back-up is not going to carry your team much further than 8-8. DMC will still run wild this season.

13. Cleveland Browns– Colt McCoy had a couple nice touchdown drives but laid an egg against a surprising Bengals team.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars– The Jags have some young talented players in key positions but that’s just it they are young and need to learn to play in the NFL.

15. Kansas City Chiefs– A powerful running attack but little else. The Chiefs seem to be this year’s team that will be decimated by injury.

16. New York Giants– You can’t help but feel like the Giants are still in a tailspin.

17. Buffalo Bills– There’s a lot of excitement about this year’s team in B-Lo and with plenty of reason for there to be.

18. Dallas Cowboys– The Cowboys get Tony Romo back but have lost 7 of the last 8 games Romo Has started.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Young quarterback Josh Freeman is poised to be a star in this league and the rest of the Buccaneer team is ready to follow. 

20. Detroit Lions– Another young, up and coming team in the Lions. Calvin Johnson is a beast and the defense looks to be even better this year. As long as Matthew Stafford can stay healthy the Lions will be better this year.Stafford’s missing 19 of 32 career games seems indicate that he won’t but if he does then the Lions could contend for the division.

21. New Orleans Saints– 28th in rushing last year and it didn’t look much better against Green Bay last Thursday.

22. St. Louis Rams– Expect some sophomore slump bumps and bruises for Sam Bradford.Bradfordhas the Rams taking the NFC West this year.

23. Atlanta Falcons– This past Sunday Matty Ice and the offense looked more like theChicagooffense from last year and lost to that same Bears team.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers– Could offseason issues be catching up with the aging Steelers? Is the cohesiveness slowly becoming null and void inPittsburg? Time will tell.

25. Houston Texans– Andre Johnson is a beast and the defense may not be far behind. While the players are still learning the defense, Wade Phillip’s hiring seems to be paying immediate dividends.

26. Chicago Bears– Last year was a classic case of the ball bouncing the Bears way and it seems to be bouncing in their favor yet again.

27. New York Jets– Sunday night the Dallas Cowboys gift wrapped a 9/11   tribute present and had it hand delivered by Tony Romo, letting the Jets comeback from fourteen down in the fourth quarter.

28. New England Patriots– After a 500 yard passing performance by Tom Brady the Patriots find a way to get into the playoffs again.

29. San Diego Chargers– Tops in defense and one of the top teams offensively. Coach Norv Turner has them ready to fire out the gate.

30. Philadelphia Eagles– Mike Vick’s ability to escape from the pocket was on display Sunday. Eagles will get back to the playoffs.

31. Green Bay Packers– Aaron Rodgers…Enough said!

32. Baltimore Ravens– Joe Flacco finally proves his critics wrong and the Baltimore Ravens end an eleven year hiatus from the Super Bowl. Ray Lewis retires on top and Ray Rice becomes one of the leagues elite running backs.

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