Houston Texans: Walter Injury Update, Former Texan Returns, and More…


The Houston Texans started this week off with a huge victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The dominant defense and high-powered offense has Texans fans foaming at the mouth for a playoff appearance. Next weeks visit to Miami will, perhaps, be a better measure of the Texans overall improvement. With a win against the Dolphins the Texans will further strengthen their standing in the AFC South.

Here we are, two days later, with some more great news…well, mostly great.

Joe Owens was quick to the punch when it came to the Kevin Walter injury. Initial reports indicated that Walter’s injury was listed as a fractured (broken) shoulder and that he would be out 10-12 weeks. Well, some good news came about five hours later when it was disclosed that Walter’s injury was no more severe than a deep shoulder bruise. His prognosis means that he will miss a few weeks but not the 10-12 that was initially indicated. 

Walter was the number two receiver behind Andre Johnson meaning that the Texans would be left with a void in the passing game. At first blush it appeared that the Texans would be bringing in one of the receivers that were placed on the practice squad. However, today it was discovered that the Texans had bigger, better plans.

David Anderson, who played his first five seasons with the Texans, was signed to the team today. Anderson was listed as a free-agent and the Texans were quick to jump at the opportunity to bring him back to a team that he was already familiar with. By signing Anderson the Texans return to having five healthy wide receivers.

Jacoby Jones is expected to start opposite Andre Johnson in Sunday’s game. Bryant Johnson, who the Texans brought in when they were disappointed with some of the younger receivers, will be elevated to the third spot and could see substantial play time this week. That means that Anderson would take over the fourth spot and could also be rotated in and out of special teams.

Lastly, ESPN’s power rankings were released and the Texans are on the verge of cracking the top 10. Indianapolis has somehow managed to make it in the top 10 at number eight but I do not expect them to remain there for long.

With 15 games left in the season it is easy to speculate what the Texans are going to do this season. It is easy to assume that they will flub the season again but it is also easy to assume that they will dominate the AFC South. Either way they are a new team. They play with a new fire and are gaining the media’s  attention (its about time) in a positive way.

Kerry Collins put it best when he said that the Texans defense is, “drinking the kool-aid of Wade Phillips 3-4 defense”. If that is the case then I say DRINK UP BOYS!