AFC South is Ripe for the Texans’ Taking


Now this is the story all about how the AFC South got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you about the smell of change in the air.

The AFC South has flipped on its head, Manning is hurt, Tennessee is rebuilding, and the Jaguars just cut their starting quarterback (Garrard) in a very unceremonious fashion. It would seem that the AFC South title is the Texans’ to lose.

I want to talk about David Garrard for a minute. A lot of speculation is going around as to where he is going to end up. I can see Seattle in Garrard’s future for the obvious reason that Tarvaris Jackson is not a proven quarterback in my opinion and is a potential risk to have as your number one.

Miami is another landing spot for Garrard. Miami was trying to get someone to give Chad Henne some competition for the quarterback job but talks fell apart for Kyle Orton; this may be Miami’s opportunity to get a potential starter to put pressure on Henne to perform.

The Washington Redskins are another possible team to sign Garrard, I mean, would you be satisfied with Rex Grossman or John Beck as your starter? Me neither, so bringing in another quarterback to cover your bases isn’t such a bad idea.

One place no one has mentioned as a landing spot for Garrard is Indianapolis. Now call me crazy, but its not unusual to see teams pick up cut players from the same division, and I have a feeling that Manning’s injury may be worse than they are letting on, after all neck injuries are extremely dangerous and his progress has been ridiculously slow; the Colts signing Garrard would confirm this. I mean, lets be honest, if you watched the Colts this preseason their backups are sub par, Kerry Collins is ancient and I could make better passes than Curtis Painter.

Signing Garrard would also give the Colts’ defensive coaches an insiders knowledge of the Jaguars offense, I mean who better to bring on to know your opponent than the quarterback of your opponent.

The Titans are almost a non-issue in my opinion this season. Matt Hasselbeck is an over the hill quarterback and as good as Chris Johnson may be, he can’t carry the team on his own.
If the Texans can’t win the AFC South this season, I don’t think they ever will. It’s the Texans’ division for the taking.