What to Look Forward to for Texans Fans


Tomorrow night, Texan fans get to get a glimpse of what the season might hold for their team. I would caution everyone not to look too much into the preseason. Keep in mind that tomorrow, Arian Foster and Andre Johnson are more than likely not going to play. Starters will only play a series or two. But for me, I like watching the preseason games to watch the young play that might not be starting but might have a future on the Texans to make an impact. So what is everyone looking forward to seeing tomorrow?

I’m sure just like every other Texan fan, everyone wants to see the progress the defense has made. I think it will be kind of difficult to see that in only one or two series so I’m not going to look much into the first team defense’s performance whether it is awful or amazing. That is a small sample size. The third preseason game will give us a better idea of what to expect from the defense. Having said that though, I’d like to see how the new additions to the defense affect the attitude of the unit. They need a little swagger.

When it comes to offense, I’m not really interested in seeing what Schaub, Foster, and Johnson can do. I want to see Dorin Dickerson because all I’ve heard is good things about his workouts. I also want to see the undrafted rookies at receiver because they seem to be sneaking up on all the coaches. I also want to see how Matt Leinart plays. I’ve heard he has had a tremendous training camp and if he performs well then I will be able to breathe a little easier if Schaub gets hurt at any point this season. The guy I want to watch the most though is fellow Strake Jesuit Alum, Chris Ogbonnaya. I think all this guy needs is a chance. He has been through a lot in his life and I believe he will make the best of his opportunity this preseason.

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